Our Team

TeamHassett2020-3The spirit of teamwork at Hassett is a true collaboration of everyone working together to ensure that our customers receive the best service in the industry. Our team members strive to provide an exceptional customer experience.   We work with you to analyze the best methods to ship your cargo and how to do it most efficiently, while working together to achieve excellence. 

In the transportation business picking up and delivering shipments is the common denominator.  What sets Hassett apart from the rest is the passion of our dedicated team who strive to move our customers’ shipments on-time, every time.  Team members take personal responsibility for your shipment while working around the clock to monitor movement every step of the way.

Our Executive Team

The experience and guidance of our management team has helped Hassett Logistics become a leader in freight transportation. Every member of our management team has over 15 years of experience in our industry and contributes unique perspectives and individual experience to our organization. It's this diversity within Hassett that enables us to continually evolve with the spirit of tradition and the force of the future.

Michelle Halkerston

Michelle Halkerston
President & CEO
Hassett Team Member since 2001
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Frank Borta

Senior Vice President
Hassett Team Member since 1988
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Dennis Cartwright

Senior Vice President
Hassett Team Member since 1989
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Rosemary Giovannelli

Vice President, Administration
Hassett Team Member since 1994
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AJ Ingham
Vice President, Expedited Services
Hassett Team Member since 2003
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Don Prentice2

Don Prentice
Vice President, Network Services
Hassett Team Member since 1979
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Traci Richard
Vice President, Technology & Strategic Planning
Hassett Team Member since 2017
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Matt Sherman

Vice President, Specialized Services
Hassett Team Member since 2000
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Steve Langhart

Steve Langhart
Vice President, Sales & Business Development
Hassett Team Member since 2020
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